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                                                                         Baba Santa                                  Merry Christmas from Baba  


International Holiday Ornament Cards or Decorations



Baubles for projects

Click to get larger versions; print, cut out rounds, paste backs to back on cardboard. You might like to glue on rhinestone gems, sparkles, or tiny butterflies around the edge. Punch hole in top, hang by ribbon or elastic on Christmas tree, car mirror, in windows, or make a mobile for babies and hang above crib. Also, many fun projects for children to do-add bells to the bottom or long crystals to make a nice vertical or horizontal string of wind-chimes or prisms.

            Universal Man                         Divine Man
  Do Your Best, Then            Dont Worry Be Happy in My Love
              Milk Goat - Saharanpur         Chummy - San Francisco
     "Lucky" the Monkey                     Meherabad  1939
            Return of the Morning Star                 Krishna Baba

         Infinite Valentines                Eternal Beloveds 
                           Key to My Heart                        Is Love
          Chennai 1947                                Quetta
          Don't Worry                              Silence
                Youpon                                Dunes
            Bombay, Manzil, 1922-23      Delhi,  Blue Bus, Feb 1939
       The Assignment                    Fairy God-Father                    Dragon's Offering                     Phoenix's Gift
            Rayed In Glory                 Haloed In Light            Worthy Of Our Profound Thanks      Most Merciful One
           All-Pervading                            Lord Of All                     A  Life Supremely Lived           Shining Essence
             Perfect Divinity,                 Perfect Humanity
                  Lord Of The Universe                Master Of Hearts
                Nourisher                   Compassionate Father                                                  Embracing All Creation   Ever Protecting One




Truly You
                   Universal Beloved


Mosaic of Love








                 Kalki Avatar                                                      Hare Krishna, Hare Baba    Francis' Cave



                       Hamsa                                                            All Inclusive

        Holy Baba




                                                   Happy Holidays In The One
     Loving The Earth



                              Spring Blessings
                            Season's Greetings






             Lord Of The Dance
Love's Nazar
        Meher Baba's America




               Love's Rainbow
Love's Touch
         Midnight Serenade


            In Love's Arms
Lamb Of God
                        Prasad For Lucky



Meher Baba at Ellora Buddhist cave number 10 Vishwakarma
     Meher Baba and  Tiger              Divine Parallel     
      Baba, Our Valentine          



Lord Of Light
To Sing With Me
   Lord Of The Dawn



  Happy Birthday Beloved
Gloria in eggshell-cis Deo, Happy Easter!
Happy Birthday Beloved Meher Baba xxxoooo


Beach in front of Youpon Dunes house, Myrtle Beach, S.C.

    Baba Youpon Dunes Sunrise
Sun Over Youpon Dunes
                                                            Baba Youpon Dunes Path 
      Baba Youpon Dunes Gulls


Heaven On Earth
Daisy Prasad
Twinking Eyes
Love Song


Love Personified
The Purest Love
King Of Hearts
Garlanding Our Beloved
Sparkling New Life



Universe In Bloom

Mehera-Meher Rose Blazing Glory De Light Full Daisy Heavenly Dahlia Meher-Mehera Roses

Radiant Lord

Radiant Rainbow Blue Diamond Light The Beloved Hearts Delight First Light
Catch Lord Of Spring He Is And Becomes Reality's Dawn First Touch

Holding Fast Thank You Take My Heart Dance With Me At The Center

Meher's Playground

Ever Awake Ever Alert Garden Of Being Master Craftsman The Eternal Child All Forms



Golden Reflections Untethered Falcon-1 The Blissful Rose Untethered Falcon-2 Baba The Rose

The Gift Baba Pink Winged Heart White_Cranes Toka Flowers

Mastery In Servitude Lavender Stars Snowy Wings God Is Gold Stripes

Gold Saphire Beauty Diamond Venice

Love God-1 Divine Beloved Meher Baba's Grace Francis' Cave Love God-2

Transformation Peace-2 Mandala of Love Autumn's Crown Jai Meher Baba

Heart's Awakening Divine Invitation Baba Dreams Kalki Avatar Sunrise

Love-1 Merwan Meher Nights Sunset Love-2

Toka Spring Gold and Brown X-mas Blue London Lace Gold/Lav With Ribbon

Plaid Baba Toka Gold & Browns Toka White & Black Toka Black & White Divine White Cranes

Toka Lav Gold Toka White & Blue Toka Faded Spring Toka & Flowers Toka Gold & Purple

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